Salford Angels

Band Of The Month July 2019

About This Act

The Salford Angels are a rock’n’roll band comprising of Tony Auton (Guitar, Vocals), Craig Fletcher (Bass, Vocals) and Mark Isherwood (Drums, Vocals).

We caught up with them for a quick chat.

Whittles: How did you all meet?

I’ve known Craig for 25years. We had a band called Tony Auton and The Trauma. We did 2 albums together, Joesph Holts Fan Club and Allergic to Rust in 1999 and 2000. I met Mark a few years back playing Drums for Backwater Blues.

Whittles: Where did the band name Salford Angels come from?

The name comes from a song I wrote and recorded 25 years ago, Salford Angel.

Whittles: Have you played with any big acts, who was the best to work with?

I’ve opened for Johnny Winter, Joe Bonamassa, Jools Holland, Southside Johnny and loads more including John Lee’s Barclay James Harvest who Craig has been playing Bass and singing for for 20 years. Craig has played all over the world with them. I also play with one of my favourite bands, Proud Mary. A little tour and new album is on in October.

Whittles: What was the last Album that you bought? What was the First?

The last album I bought was The Whipperwool BlackBerry Smoke which I love. The first was Another Music in a Different Kitchen by The Buzzcocks and still love it.

Watch The Salford Angels

Sheffield Steel Reality Live

Whittles: What would your dream venue to play at be?

I’ve no dream venue really. I’ve done some of my favourite gigs to not a lot of people and some of the worse to 100s of people.

Whittles:What’s your favourite song on your new album? what’s the meaning behind it?

I suppose Sheffield Steel Reality on the new CD that I sang! Its hard to say, I like them all! Craig and Mark do a brilliant job on ‘Ride On’ ‘Here comes Love’ and ‘Hey Yesterday’ on lead vocals. It’s mint having 3 lead vocals in the band, the next album they will be singing more!

Whittles: What music did you listen to in your teenage years? 

My teenage, and still my favourite band, is The Clash. 1st gig at 14 years old we did 12 clash songs and one of our own that sounded very much like a Clash song.

Whittles: What’s your guilty pleasure music wise?

Early Bee Gees. They were Brill in the 60s. We’ve rocked up a version of I Gottta Get a Message to You, such an amazing song which is the 1st cover I’ve recorded and it’s on the new album.

Whittles: What are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time each week in which you practice or are rehearsals more spontaneous?

We don’t rehearse! I’ve a studio in my loft where we can record live and we meet up and write arrange and record there. Then just learn the songs no rehearsal needed! We will be starting on new songs in a couple of weeks.


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