Hotter Than Hell

Band Of The Month August 2019
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Hotter Than Hell is Europe’s Ultimate Kiss Tribute Band, with its band members coming from all corners of Europe. 



Friday, August 30th 2019 from 19:00-02:00


Whittles, 27 King Street, Oldham OL8 1DP


£5 plus booking fee available from Eventbrite

Hotter Than Hell have been voted as one of the hottest Kiss Tribute Shows in Europe, delivering the ultimate night out in tribute to the Hottest Band in the World!
Formed in 2003, Hotter Than Hell deliver the world-renowned classic 1970s style KISS stage show, by mimicking it in every way with mind-blowing pyrotechnics; fire breathing; blood spitting; smoking guitars; theatrical costumes, the 7 inch platform boots, and naturally, the iconic greasepaint make-up.

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“Deuce” – Live!

As our featured “Band Of The Month” for August, we caught up with Hotter Than Hell for a quick chat:

Whittles: Do any of the band members work outside the band & what do they do ? Could you give us the names of each band member and where they are from?

Bram Duckworth – Aka Ace Frehley, Lead Guitar from Burnley (Factory Manager). Jason Graham – Aka Peter Criss, Drums from Blackpool (Video producer).
Marty McStravick – Aka paul Stanley, Rythym guitar & Lead vocals from Belfast (Self Employed Salesman).
Fabio Marchetti – Aka Gene Simmons, Bass & Vocals from Rome, Italy (Self Employed Driving instructor).

Whittles: You’ve played Whittles a number of times now, whats the best thing about playing there?

Marty: The staff & the people are so genuine and really appreciate us playing there

Whittles: How long does it take to apply your make up / get ready for the stage?

Fabio:.Depending on times, usually between 1 hour to 1 hour and a half.

Whittles: Whats the craziest thing that’s happened while you’ve been performing?

Marty: We played an outdoor gig in Azerbaijan & they had dancers dressed in pink leotards throwing water around the stage with 2 Harley Davidson motorbikes onstage revving as we played!

It was so bizarre!
Whittles: What is the biggest venue you have performed at?
Marty: A huge 3000 capacity venue in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Whittles:Have you ever met any member of Kiss?
Marty: I have met KISS twice. I also had the privilege of teaching Paul Stanley’s son Evan, at a new York rock camp for children, which was totally random.

“They had dancers dressed in pink leotards throwing water around”

Whittles:Which Kiss track do you most like performing.

Bram: Deuce is 1 of my favourites to play and also it was Ace Frehleys, that got him the job in KISS, 1972.

Whittles:What was the first record you bought?

Jason: Love Gun in 1977, the same year Elvis died.

Whittles: Who was you favourite artist in your teenage years?

Fabio: KISS of course!

Whittles: Whats the most Rock and Roll thing you’ve done?

Marty: I break a guitar at the end of each hotter than hell gig, surely that’s a rock n roll thing to do.

Whittles: Any message for the gig goers of Oldham?

Bram: You are in for an awesome treat with new additional songs added to the setlist!

Fabio: Lots of Blood to shower the people with who stands in the front row! 


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