Meet The Boss

Neil Haughton

Q: When did you first discover Whittles?

Neil: A good friend of mine Sean Whitehead told me to go to a jam session there I think it was around 2006.

Q: Who have been your favourite local bands over the years?

Neil: Boneyard Dogs, August and a band called Karma

Q: Favourite Tribute Bands?

Neil: Well everyone knows Im a massive Black Sabbath & Ozzy Fan so have enjoyed watching those although I think Fleetingwood Mac, Whole lotta DC & Simple Minds v U2 are up there with my personal favourites.

Q: Do you sing?

Neil: When Ive had a few pints I’m partial to get up and do my party piece which is CRAZY TRAIN!

Q: What has been your most memorial event at Whittles?

Neil: Definitely the Chris Slade gig

“If you’re a music lover and have never been to a gig or a jam at Whittles Oldham you’ve missed out on something special”

Q: What do you think makes Whittles different from any other pub in the area?

Neil: The last 18 months have seen a number of changes at Whittles where as before it was a rock venue and more recently we have managed to hold successful 80’s nights, Rock Nights along with Tribute acts and Original bands.

Q: What do you think makes it special for the bands playing there?

Neil: Definitely having the in house PA with a sound engineer.

Q: All the bands get asked this, and you’re no exception. What has been your guilty pleasure?

80’s band Hello Felix  they are great fantastic band from Liverpool one of the best singers I’ve heard at Whittles and guarantee everyone a good night.

Q: Favourite Originals Band?

Neil: When I took over the job of booking bands from Fez there was a band in the diary called Twister, these lads travelled from Newcastle and I was blown away with there music, they  perform both  originals and covers and have performed a number of gigs including hosting the jam session. They have recently  gone on to win HRH Highway to Hell 10. I last went to watch them at the launch of their album Young and effected in Newcastle.

Q: If you could change anything about at Whittles what would it be?

Neil: First job would be to lift the stage and I’d love a state of the art sounds system.

Q: What would you say to the music lovers of Oldham?

Neil: If you’re a music lover and have never been to a gig or a jam at Whittles Oldham you’ve missed out on something special! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many fantastic bands, musicians and customers over the years and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!  

Thank You to everyone that has bought a ticket, bought a pint or graced the stage at Whittles Oldham. You made it happen.


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