Meet The Boss

John Dodd

Q: When did you first discover Whittles?

John: Around 12 years ago I called in  after a football for the Jam and loved it.

Q: Who have been your favourite local bands over the years?

John: I’ve got to say either Snakes Play or Sods Law.

Q: Favourite Tribute Bands?

John: Whole lotta DC.

Q: Do you sing?

John: Yes. Very Badly.

Q: What has been your most memorial event at Whittles?

John: A few years ago we did a charity event for Scotty’s Little Soilders not long after the death Lee Rigby, the place was packed and was a poignant day and one I won’t forget.

“It’s every man’s dream to be a rock star”

Q: We know you’re only happy when you’re knocking things down, what would you love to knock down?

John: If you stand at the bar where the hatch is, there’s a piece sticking out and it drives me daft, also would love to see the posts go in the centre.

Q: What do you think makes it special for the bands playing there?

John: The general atmosphere, there’s definitely something special about the place.

Q: All the bands get asked this, and you’re no exception. What has been your guilty pleasure?

John: Vicky Jackson as PINK. Fantastic night, really well attended and just a great atmosphere

Q: Beer or shots?

John: Beer

Q: If you could change anything about at Whittles what would it be?

John: The first thing I would do is the outside. The front and back are both desperately in need of a re-vamp.

Q: Would you do it all again?

John: Yes. Definitely.

Q: What would you say to the music lovers of Oldham?

John: Get your arses in there this week for the finale!


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