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Band Of The Month November 2022

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The Voice, the Heels the Strut are back on stage. Capture the moment as Kinisha delivers a pulsating show, emulating the sounds of the greatest ever female Rock Legend.

Performing hits including Nutbush City Limits, Simply the Best, Steamy Windows, What’s Love Got To Do With It, Private Dancer, Addicted To Love, Disco Inferno, Let’s Stay Together, Proud Mary and other favourites. Kinisha is Undoubtedly the U.K’s foremost Tina Turner Impersonator



Saturday 5th November 2022 from 20:00-02:00


Whittles@Tokyo, 57 Roscoe St OL1 1EA Oldham.


£10 plus booking fee available from Eventbrite

Simply The Best are our Band Of The Month for February. We caught up with Kinisha for a chat.

Whittles: Could you start by taking us through what inspired you to start a Tina Turner Tribute show?

Kinisha: I wanted to join the Navy or be a singer when I left school but ended up in the Civil Service. I always wanted to sing  but it was not seen as an acceptable career.

I always admired Tina Turner when growing up and practised her voice and mannerisms along with Shirley Bassey to boost my performance when I did get around to singing in public houses and clubs.

When I joined a band years later I replaced a male front man and slowly introduced Tina songs and the band decided to focus on being a Tina tribute band as the money was better.

I left the Civil Service due to ill health and decided that I wanted to have a go at being a tribute if my time was limited and I haven’t looked back.

I love what I do and have visited places I would otherwise not have. It is lovely to get the opportunity to be performing in my hometown in a fab venue and look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones – do say Hi if you see me in the shops.

Follow your dreams – Onwards and Upwards.

How many band members? has any one of them played with anyone famous?

Including myself 7 and occasionally 8 with backing singer

The Drummer used to be in China Crisis,  Bass player has played with Nathan Moore from Brother Beyond and also Ray Lewis from the Drifters,

The guitarist occasionally plays with Sonia,  Keyboard player has played with Elton John, Michael Bolton and Slash from Guns and Roses

Is it true that Oldham is your Home Town? 

Yes, Shaw to be precise (we pay Parish Council for the privilege)

Favourite Tina Turner Song? 

Tina’s version of Help (Beatles)          

Which song never fails to get the crowd on their feet?      

‘Proud Mary’ or many people call it ‘Rolling on the river’           

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What is the farthest place your tribute show has taken you​​?


Whats the biggest audience you have played to?

8K+ In Estonia and 5k+ in Sitges in Barcelona

Have you ever had any on stage disasters?

Performing at festival on an exceptionally hot day, I couldn’t dance as the soles of my shoes were sticking to the floor and in an error of judgement  I decided to kick of my shoes only to scald my feet as the floor surface was rubber and extremely hot under the sun.  

Though the pain was excruciating  I was able to continue performing as fortunately my other half was at the side of the stage and realised what had happened and brought on my walking shoes (shoes I wear  when the changing area to the stage are not manageable in 5 in heels)  My feet were badly scalded and needed icepacks, but the act following me if memory serves was a Bonjovi tribute who took his shirt off on stage but had to cut his performance short and when he came off stage collapsed. It was exceptionally hot day with no shelter on stage.

What’s been your favourite moment or biggest achievement with the band?

Performing at Sitges on the beach front stage in front of over 5K people

If you could add one piece of equipment or a prop to your show, what would it be?

Quick change booth

Apart from Tina Turner, who are your other musical heroes?

Nina Simone, Dolly Parton – both talented musicians and songwriters 

What about current music? Do you have any recommendations for our readers?  

Off the top of my head nothing jumps out at me apart from Adele. I don’t get much time to listen to current music (I love Soul, Motown, Northern Soul) but if a song has a good tune, proper lyrics then I’m in.

What about those guilty pleasures? Come on, own up! 

I’m very much a Trainers and trousers person but I do like my Bling.  I’m not High Maintenance but I love good Caviar, Smoked salmon and Avocado  Mmmmm

Finally, do you have a message for the gig-goers of Oldham?  

Life is short – Go out, have a good time and enjoy yourselves.   I like my audience to be themselves and enjoy the moment, forget the cares if only for the time they are at the show.  No one really knows what may be going on for another person Sing, dance but always be kind.


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